Congregational News
Hayden –  Heather & Brian Jones’ Grandson
25 October
Yes, there is good news that we got on Friday. They checked the tumour and the chemo and radiation has shrunk it by 80%!!!!!
We are keep going but it’s working so far! Yeah!!!!!!
Thank you for all the prayers and support
20 September
When you finish radiation you get to ring the bell. The radiation on his head was finished today.
19 September
Just heard Hayden’s last radiation treatment is tomorrow.
He still has 36 more weeks of chemo.
Back when he was first diagnosed they had seen a spot on his lungs but it came back inconclusive. They have decided that when his chemo is over they will start him on radiation course for his lungs. They don’t want to take the chance that it has spread. On a better note they said today that they were impressed with how he was doing. They expected a greater level of pain and a lot more time in the hospital … so that’s good I guess.
6 September
Hayden finally has been keeping his meal supplements down and has gained 6 pounds. Yeah!!!! Starting school tomorrow but not sure how that is going to go as he will be at the hospital every morning yet.
Will wait and see
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5 September
Here are the winners…
A HUGE THANK YOU to all who took part in the ticket sales – it was a success…
All proceeds go directly to the cause, we are beyond thankful. Much appreciation from Sara, Hayden and their Salon family.
1st prize goes to Diana at Mishoo’s   – 5 bottles of wine.
2nd prize goes to Sandra Rheynold  –  $100 to Bicycle Thief.
3rd prize goes to Donna Collins       –  $150 gift card to Salon Eight-Sixty.
All prizes ready for pick up Tuesday Sept 5th
Update  31st August
Hayden had his feeding tube put in on Thursday, so far he vomits everything that is put into him hoping this will change soon they are working on it. He was discharged home on Wednesday. I think he will feel much better there. Let’s Hope.
25 August
Hayden came through his surgery great. He had a stomach tube put in for feeding. Was in a lot of pain at first but should settle down and maybe discharged home soon.
23 August
As a number of you are aware back on 30 June 2017 our grandson, Hayden was diagnosed with inoperative stage 3 muscle cancer ((RMS) Rhabdomyosarcoma) in his head. Due to the awkward placement operating was not an option. He is now receiving a years worth of radiation and Chemotherapy.
Hayden on occasion when he has been with his mother (split family) has come to Sunday school. Or you may have seen him in Eldons.
Since being diagnosed he has gone into surgery twice now. Once for a bone marrow and once to put a port-a-cath in.
When this all started he weighed 85 pounds. Due to nausea and severe abdominal pain he has not been eating well. His weight has dropped down to 62 pounds. He had gone 3 days without eating or drinking. So he has been admitted back into hospital to feed him through his port-a-cath. He has to be hooked up to it for 20 hours a day. When his blood counts are to an acceptable range they will be taking him back to surgery again this time to put in a feeding tube into his stomach. Similar to what Maureen Brown has, hope it’s ok to mention you my dear.
He has been feeding through his port-a-cath for 2 weeks now and has put on 2 pounds. Yeah! (Wish I could give him some of my excess weight, haha!) Hayden has been scheduled for surgery tomorrow the 24th at noon provided his counts are good.
Will keep you updated on his progress and thank you for the prayers
Heather and Brian Jones.
25 August
Just wanted to give a shout out to Riding in Style on Sackville Drive. We had our grandson Hayden join our Veterans Group and had wanted to get him a vest to put his patches on. Sally at Riding in Style allowed us to take a few vests to the hospital to find out which fit him. Then they sewed the patches on and gifted the vest to Hayden. What an awesome friendly caring business. I highly recommend them. PS they do alterations too. Thank you Sally from the bottom of our hearts.