Spiritual Oversight Committee
The Spiritual Oversight Committee in conjunction with the Minister, provides leadership in the care and oversight of the spiritual life and interests of the Congregation, including all aspects of worship. It is composed of Elders elected by the Congregation. The job of an Elder is to help meet the spiritual needs of the members of the congregation. The church families are divided into geographical districts. Each Elder cares for and acts as liaison between the Minister and the people of his/her district. The Elders also serve on a variety of Ministry Teams, which coordinate much of this essential work. See listing of teams below.      
Spiritual Oversight Committee pamphlet
Ministry Teams of the Spiritual Oversight Committee:
Baptism Team co-ordinates all aspects of baptism in conjunction with the minister.
Christian Life and Growth Team co-ordinates and supports programs of faith development for all ages, including church school, youth groups, and Bible study groups.       
Communion Team sets up the elements and co-ordinates the participation of Elders in the serving of communion. More information about communion…     pamphlet
Districts Team co-ordinates the division of congregation members into the various districts that are each assigned an Elder.
Duty Elders prepare and supervise the worship space and narthex for worship services.
Funeral Wake Team organizes and hosts funeral wakes in the church sanctuary at the request of grieving families.
Memorial Team responds to memorial donations and co-ordinates the use of funds and gifts.
New Families Team welcomes new families to the congregation by visiting them and providing them with information and support to help them find the programs and activities best suited for them.
Pastoral Care Team offers ongoing care and support to all members and friends of our congregation.        pamphlet
Worship Team represents the congregation in all issues related to worship and music and works in conjunction with the minister and music director.   pamphlet