20 Dec 2016

Jigar  arrived last night !
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Refugee Family Update  December 2016

 You may remember our Syrian refugee family: Jigar (father), Dalal (mother), and daughter Areen (born 2015) Allisso.  You may also remember that, in the spring, Dalal felt the need to leave the “relative” safety of Jordan to return to Syria to check on her family, particularly her ailing mother.  While she was there, at very short notice the Syrian government closed the border and she was effectively trapped.  Since then, efforts have been made on many fronts to get Dalal and Areen to Kurdish-controlled Syria and from there to the West. Jigar was understandably reluctant to leave Jordan when his family’s safety was in such doubt.  
However, family and Canadian government officials have persuaded him the that best course is to come to Canada and establish a home for his family while the efforts to bring them safely continue.  Jigar will be arriving in Halifax on December 20th!
So, this has now become a three-phase operation!  Phase 1 is to get him here and settled.  Phase 2 will be bringing Dalal and Areen.  Phase 3 will be their settlement. Many of you have expressed interest in this important project.  We’ve all been frustrated by the delays — but probably not as much as the family, trapped in such difficult conditions.  So, in the new year, we can expect an increase in calls for action and support.

Thanks for your continued prayerful support and generosity.  

Please know how deeply appreciated it is.

Grace & Peace to you,
Rev Ross

UPDATE Jan 2016
What is it? This is a combined effort of eight United Church congregations or pastoral charges, aiming to resettle one or two refugee families.

How is it regulated? UFRF works under the authority of the United Church of Canada’s “Sponsorship Agreement” with the Federal Government.

What is needed? Everything you can imagine to resettle a family in our area in the winter time. As well, a sum of $30,000 must be raised to support one family

How can I give?
Financial contributions: These can be made payable to Knox United Church” noting that they are for refugees. Knox will issue an income tax receipt.
Material goods: Furniture; clothing; kitchen appliances; bedding; household furnishings. There will be a general collection later but if you need to act right now, please see the contact numbers below.
Professional services: If you or someone you know is able to provide professional services to the steering committee or to a refugee family please contact the co-chairs below.


Update Dec 16 FAQ

Fundraising is the 1st
step to supporting a family(s)
Like to get involved in Fund raising ??? click here for info.
If you would like to make a donation
please make your cheque out to Knox United, noting that the funds are to support the Refugee family
Angela Falkenham – Co-Chair of Fundraising –


for background information on the process .
United Church
Click here to check out the “Proposal for Change” for our United Church of Canada