2 Feb 2019
Celebrating African Heritage Month
Rhythms of Life Concert with the Moja Makani Band
Christmas Eve. (2018)
Cantata – “The Wondrous Story” 16 Dec 2018
25 Nov 2018
Aeoleon Singers
Men of the Deeps
9 Sept 2019
                                    blacking out the church.
             line-up to get in                         Knox choir & Men of the Deeps
                                                                         practice together
                   Wayne and Al busy setting up.         Big mixer.     
             picture credit Steve Craig                    picture credit Steve Craig
              picture credit Steve Craig              picture credit Steve Craig
                  Tony singing with Men of the Deep.       Bruce and Karl Guthro
                                                                                        with Florence
                  The kitchen were blessed with a spontaneous rendition after supper.
STarKnox  16 Feb 2018
Knox Future Directions Meeting
14 January 2018
Breakfast with the Clauses
Turkey Supper
Camerata Singers and Nova Voce
EnChor East with Baroque n’ Fiddles