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May 9th, 2021



Sunday May 9th join us for worship online at 10.30 am   

online - join us on our Facebook page. 

 Click HERE.
Full audio is also available on our website  click HERE

SUNDAY, APRIL 25, 2021

Due to the COVID 19 increased closures, our Congregational Meeting has been POSTPONED. We will call a new date once COVID 19 restrictions are eased again.

In the meantime, you can review the Organ Committee's presentation and supporting documents by clicking 


In accordance with our governance document, past minutes from Knox Council meetings are to be posted as general information for the congregation.

We are pleased to announce that this feature has now been added to our Church Reports section of the website and can be viewed HERE.

The March 23, 2021 minutes are the first to be posted and we will keep the site updated as minutes as approved.


Office hours 

Visiting Knox? Our Building Closed
Our office is still open for office staff only.    

Should you require a meeting with the minister, or to enter the building, we ask that you call the office to make an appointment.

   For inquiries we ask that you please call our office or email . click HERE.  

For pastoral emergencies after hours, please leave a message at 902.865.9216 or


Booking Appointments with Rev. Sandra
If you would like to meeting with Rev. Sandra in her office, we are now accepting appointments. 

Please contact the office, and we will arrange a time for you.



The exterior door locks have now all been changed and a new key is now required. Many of you have already received the new keys and you will be fine to access the building. If there is anyone who requires a new key but has not received it yet, please contact Jerry Landry (902) 864-0627



Accessing the Cann Hall -

Access to the hall is not permitted Monday - Friday 8:30am - 11:30am, while children are attending the nursery school due to provincial restrictions .  Should you require access, please contact the office or nursery school prior to your arrival to the building.



As  supporter of Camp Kidston, you are eligible for the MHSCI Preferred Supplementary Pharmacy Benefits Program at zero cost to you. Here are the benefits:
  • For each prescription processed for you at Lawton's or Sobeys, MHCI will provide $2 per prescription directly to Camp Kidston.
  • Also , enjoy great discounts at Lawton's, with your Lawton's Client Group Partner Discount Card.


Lower Sackville Nursery School

Spaces are still available
here to register your littles

Due to the recent provincial updates for Covid-19 and the community spread access to the Cann Hall is not permitted while the children are attending school.  Monday - Friday 830am - 11:30am.


 2020 Outreach Meal Event 

A L L  A R E  W E L C O M E

Freedom Kitchen News –

Freedom Kitchen & Closet
Mondays 4:30pm - 6pm
Knox Parking - Cann Hall entrance

Check it out at: freedomkitchensackville/
We will be accepting clothing and toiletry donations very soon! We will have one location drop off to make things easier. The Royal Diaperer on Sackville Drive will be our only drop off location. For covid-19 tracing we will be requiring each donation to fill out the attached form. You can print one off and bring it with you or there will be forms available on site. Thank you to everyone who makes a donation, our closet is almost complete and we will be moving in soon, we are super excited to get it stocked up!
NOTE: Should someone desperately be in need of some warm clothing, tent, sleeping bag please ask one of the volunteers and we will gather what we are able to supply. 
To keep informed visit us online:
www.freedomkitchensackville. com

CALL US: 902.400.2028

Interested in a volunteer position next season? You can now sign up on our website! 
Interested in being a delivery driver? You can sign up there as well!!!

For all the details, visit Facebook

or Rainie Murphy or Tara Forhan 902.400.2028


Keeping in Touch with one another
During this time of crisis, keeping in touch with one another, our faith family, our friends, our families, is more important then ever. Please reach out to those that you think of; someone who makes you smile, someone who you think might be isolated and you might be able to make smile, anyone who might be lonely. If you are wanting a phone call, need assistance of any kind, reach out to another member of Knox or feel free to leave a message on the Church phone line (902) 865-9216.

Prayer Chain
Have you heard about Knox’s prayer chain? It’s a unique ministry where you can request a prayer to be said for you, for someone you know, or someone you love. Prayers are requested for a variety of reasons; to seek comfort, to make a request, ask for guidance, to heal and restore, express sorrow, celebrate joy, give thanks to name a few.
If you would like to request a prayer, please call Cathy Heighton at 902-865-0001


Committee Volunteers Needed for Region 15.

The nominations committee is seeking interested individuals who may be willing to participate in the region by serving on a committee.  They need volunteers for:
The Annual Meeting Planning Committee
Faith Story Community Covenant Committee
As well, they are seeking, Diaconal Ministers and Designated Lay Ministers who may be interested in serving the region.
Contact:  Rev. Alicia Cox at
For further info, please fill out the form at: regional-council-15-committee- volunteer-form/
Maintaining Your Support of Knox

E-transfer now available! 

Knox continues to operate its outreach programs, its food ministries and most importantly our faith ministries during this time of global crisis. Your donations and continued support are needed now more than ever. Please continue with your regular financial contributions as you are able and consider making us a regular part of your budget in the future. It’s easy!

  • E-transfers - We now accept etransfers!  
          Knox Donations click HERE 

          Freedom Kitchen Donations click HERE  
  • Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR): We will get your application started for you just click HERE 
  • CanadaHelps.Org: You can now support Knox with the click of a button! Click HERE to donate now. You can donate once or set up regular payments.
  • Weekly Envelopes: If you use an offering envelope, please continue to put your offering in the envelope each week. Keep them in a safe place and bring them to Knox when we re-open.
  • Mail a cheque to Knox: We are still operating our office and can accept payments through the mail.
     What is PAR?  (Pre-Authorized Remittance)
If you have automatic withdrawals from your bank account to pay your bills,taxes, cable TV, or mortgage, then you already understand the PAR principle. Besides being convenient, using PAR for your offering ensures regular monthly givings to help our church's ministry even when you are away. You will be providing your congregation a dependable flow of contributions, which increases our overall financial stability. We have many Knox members who chose this option.
     Why not participate in PAR?
Current PAR participants can easily increase their monthly commitment by contacting the envelope secretary, David Moore, at 902-864-0447. 

Many thanks to everyone who has been able to continue to support our ministry during this uncertain time. 

Looking for information about PAR?
Information brochures and application forms are available in the pews and the narthex. INFO: David Moore 902.864.0447

Did you know that you can listen to services online:
Visit services.  ( the most recent service is usually also on the sliders on the home page) 

Rev. Sandra Cox 902.865.2617
Minister of Music & Dramatic Arts:
John Lindsay-Botten 902.448.4574
Sunday School: Lynn Stewart
Youth Group:
Office Administrator: Tracey Miller
Office: 902.865.9216
Hall/Kitchen: 902.865.1603
Office Hours:
Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 9am – 1pm
Tues 11am – 1pm



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