The Winter season is often a time for reflection—a time to read good books, watch good movies, journal, and walk in the crisp air.
As we settle into this time of reflection, are there particular study groups that you would be interested in having at Knox United Church to help you learn and reflect on your life, your faith, and our wider world? Rev. Penny is looking for suggestions for upcoming small group studies at Knox United, which could include:

  • Faith and film nights to talk about meaningful films, new and old
  • Book studies or Podcast discussion group (on spiritual or current events topics)
  • Forest Church (Outdoor hiking and prayer)
  • Crafting get-togethers
  • …and so much more!

If you have passions, interests, or ideas for any small group topics that could be hosted through Knox United Church, please reach out to Rev. Penny at or call 902 865-2617 to share your thoughts!

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