Welcome Rev Kym

Rev. Kym Burke is a graduate of AST (M.Div, 2021) and currently an AST student (M.A. Theology and Religious Studies).  She has served as minister at Brunswick St. United Church and North River Pastoral Charge for eight months and then took a call in the fall of 2013 to Lawrencetown-Lake Echo United Church Pastoral Charge as their part-time minister where she currently still ministers. She implemented the annual “Blessing of the Surfboards” worship service which is held at Lawrencetown Beach every July.  In addition, she currently sits on the Communication Committee for Region 15.  


Rev. Kym has a deep love for people and an even deeper love for the beach and the meditative peace of the ocean where she takes her daily walks and swims to fill her soul.  She is excited to journey with you all pastorally at Knox United and minister to your needs.  She is excited for paths to cross and connect with each other and the wider world.

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